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Researching  haunted locations,
ghost legends and &
                                                           paranormal activities in the South
by: Indie Author:: Tammy Poore

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Pull up an easy chair and  enjoy the pictures, videos, and EVP's that are the various results of  my research & experiences in Knoxville, TN and surrounding areas.  I am very interested in haunted locations/legends.   I chase the "ghost stories" so to speak, and then share them with you through video/photograph, EVP's ( voice recordings), blogs & books. 


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Paranormal Spectrum originated in Knoxville, TN. Founded by Indie author: Tammy (Tama)  Poore  with contributions from  numerous friends. Join me as I research haunted locations, share paranormal experiences & local ghostlore from the South.  
Currently I've  researched more than 40 haunted  locations including several  Clinton, Oak Ridge, Maryville, Loudon, Kingston, Halls & Powell areas rumored to have paranormal activity or unexplained phenomenon  
Special thanks to Independent Contributing Researchers over the years, you know who you are. 

I invite you into my world, and hope to become a part of yours!

NEW on our Photo Gallery Page - A hauntingly vivid picture of a mysterious girl captured at The Temperance Building in Harriman, TN!

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A couple of pix from out favorite
Haunted Southern Hospital!

Waverly Hills Sanatorium -   Louisville, KY



See more pix  at our Photo Gallery Page and read about our experience  on our Haunted Places page.
Can't get enough of Waverly Hills Sanatorium?
Why not check out this DVD which gets great customer reviews. Goes beyond the boring documentaries. 
Spooked The Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Just For Fun Corner


Do Ghosts

   Do Ghosts Exist? You may say "Prove it!" But what exactly is considered proof? Who has proof that ghosts do exist, or proof that ghosts don't exist?  Let's consider a few things.  
  There are many different religions & just as many different beliefs regarding ghosts/spirits.
  Personally when my children ask if ghosts are real, I explain that "ghosts" as portrayed in books & movies are not real. Most "real" haunted houses are not at all like Hollywood or fiction writers portray them as.
 Are spirits roaming among us? I believe there are. But again, it is simply a belief. I also prefer the word "spirit" versus "ghost."  However, I do not have the answers & respectfully I have not  met one human being as of yet who has the answers either (referring to proving or disproving that spirits exist).
 No matter "who says"  or "who does" such & such in this field, we are all only sharing personal experiences. Let's not forget the reality of it.
 Paranormal Spectrum uses a lot of the standard paranormal investigative equipment to help a location.   We use scientific tools and non scientific tools, because to us, there isn't 1 RIGHT way, there isn't 1 TOOL that can prove with 100% certainty that
spirits or ghosts exist. Even if you get a full bodied apparition on film, it can be disputed. Even if you get touched or shoved by unseen forces  you can NOT prove it . Because there is human error, human perception and down right deceit.
Each experience in this field is personal. In every instance.
  So, again,
do Ghosts exist? 
How can you say they do - and just as importantly - how could anyone ever say they don't? The existance of ghosts & spirits is purely a belief. Which goes back to the fact that there are countless belief systems.
  I consider myself a believer with an average dose of skepticism.  I have had  too many personal encounters to dismiss the idea that spirits reside here,  either trapped or are here by choice.    I do not try to convince non-believers that spirits exist. I will share some of what I've learned with those who want to know. But to the die hard nay-sayers & dis-believers I smile & let them go on their head shaking way. I am certain theirs is a shell so thick as not to be penetrated until they have had an experience of their own. 

Enjoy this rock video filmed inside one of Tennnessee's local "haunted" houses, which I investigated twice. The Millenium Manor, also known as The Stone House.


Articles I have written concerning the unknown or the realm beyond ours. Click on article of interest to read full material.


1. Understanding the Astrological Moon Signs

2. Moon Phases & Weather Effects on the Paranormal

3. Haunted Hotel - The Read House Hotel - Room 311

4. Can the Moon Influence the Paranormal?

5. Psychics & The Paranormal:

6. Our Paranormal Research into the infamous Waverly Hills.

Communicating with Spirits:

Abraham Lincoln: Why I think our former president was a spiritual man of importance.

The ORB Debate:

  This is a touchy subject. Be prepared to get into a heated debate when you embark on this subject. Is it silly to completely dismiss "orbs" when regarding the paranormal?   Read our entire article linked here where we challenge the "orb debate" against "insects", against  "moisture" & "dust" and help determine how to distinguish different orbs.  To see our video results visit our  Video Page.        

Please - Please - Please

Do NOT vandalize, willingly damage or steal from any site you investigate.

 Respect The Living. Respect The Dead.
Respect Yourself.
Then maybe, just maybe, others will respect you.

While  investigating
"haunted" locations:

     TAKE only Pictures
STEAL only Time  
LEAVE only Foot Prints

Always ask permission.
Remember:  These are not just ghost stories. They may have been - or are - somebody's loved ones.,

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 Haunted Places in The South -
Where i've  Researched the Legends

               ...and surrounding.
 Adams, TN - Bell Witch Farm & Bell Witch Cave.     
A powerful spirit is behind a legendary haunting. Is the legend real?

 Alcoa, TN - Millennium Manor - 

The "Stone House"  was constructed to survive "The Armageddon" by a couple who planned to live forever.  Is this house haunted, or just in appearance only?

Caryville, TN - Red Ash  Coal Towers.                 
pparitions of a man who fell from the coal towers approximately 50 years ago & a murder victim who still walks the tracks seeking justice. Phantom trains, hovering blue lights, even a goatman have been reported on this eerie 8-10 mile stretch of road.

Chattanooga, TN - Read House Hotel - Room 311
 In the eighteenth century a confederate soldier killed a female in the bathroom, her spirit has been seen by many guests and employees of this hotel.    
Franklin, TN -   Carnton Plantation -
This antebellum home played an important part in the Battle of Franklin. Serving as a makeshift hospital for the dead &  wounded soldiers. There are blood stains throughout the house. The spirits of confederate soldiers have been seen, even the sound of phantom horses thundering over the open grounds have been heard.
Gatlinburg, TN - Rocky Top Inn -
An estranged local brutally murdered 2 hotel employees and it is said their screams can still be heard today. 

Harriman, TN - Swan Pond  Church-
In one of Harriman's oldest communities a little church sits atop a hill overlooking an old cemetery.  Notably, there is suppose to be a lot of paranormal activity here. Could it be because of the restless spirits of at least 6 community members who mysteriously fell ill & died after a gathering at this site over a century ago?

Harriman, TN - The Temperance Building:

Jefferson City, TN - Glenmore Mansion-
 A young girl specter walks around at night off of Old AJ Highway,  the apparition of an older lady appears in the window,  a light randomly appearsin the attic of this eighteenth century victorian mansion.

Jonesborough, TN - The Historic District -
Featured on The Travel Channel's Top Ten Most Haunted Towns in America.
Karns, TN - Copper Ridge Rd.-  
 Paranormal activity is reported on these grounds, where voices have been heard begging for help; mist & sometimes strange lights are seen, & shadowy figures roam the grounds.

Knoxville, TN -  Lakeshore Mental Asylum - 
People hear screams from the patients of long ago being mistreated & shackles being thrown around, even in the newer structure.

Knoxville, TN - Old Gray Cemetery -
A black, shadowy figure known as a "black aggie" is often seen at night in one of Knoxville's oldest cemeteries.

Knox County, TN
Private Residence -Century Old House -  
estored from a neglected and debilitated structure, workers and homeowners could hear an old lady singing, & sometimes see her figure walking down the stairs.   This house goes up for sale often.
Louisville, KY - The Seelbach Hotel -         
Haunted by many spirits, one is known as the Lady in Blue. Thought to be Patricia Wilson whose body was found at the bottom of an elevator

Louisville, KY - Waverly Hills Sanatorium -
 Tuberculosis killed thousands behind the walls of this massive structure. The 4th floor is home to shadow people & an aggressive entity known as "Big Black." A child's prankster specter known as "Timmy" often plays hide n'seek, or plays with a ball.  Other sightings include a doctor in a lab coat; A homeless man & his dog who was killed by a gang of troubled youth or satanists his & the dog's body found in the elevator shaft. 
Mammoth Cave, KY-Mammoth Cave-  
The history of the place includes accidents from the days of the saltpeter operations, Native Americans became lost & died in the cave. The most active ghost - the spirit of Stephen Bishop, a black slave whose owner put him to work as a guide at the site beginning in 1838. According to local legend, Bishop quickly became the cave's most skilled explorer & doesn't want to leave.   

McMinnville, TN - Falcon Rest Mansion- Take a tour of a century old mansion where many have seen and heard past residents. We toured the home twice & have reason to believe the stories are true.
Oak Ridge, TN - The Alexander Inn
Also known as the Guest House.  Haunting faces  are seen in the windows, footsteps heard on the stairs, broken glass everywhere & blood stains reported on the walls. Or is there a logical explanation for all of the stories about the Inn?
Oak Ridge. TN - George Jones Community Church & Cemetery -Rumors of  murder near the church, suicide & restless spirits that frightens visitors away. Eerie lights have been seen & quiet voices are heard here. 

Sevierville, TN - Bluff Mountain Old Hotel Site Apparitions & voices have been reported at this site of an old hotel popular in the 1920's, it is now gone. An old cemetery dates back to the 1790's when the Bluff's were used as a lookout point for the Continental Army to watch  for  the Indians. Many were slaughtered in their sleep & it is said that their spirits still remain.
Shiloh, TN - Shiloh Battlefield -
The Bloody Pond  dying soldiers crawled to the pond for a drink or to clean their wounds; many soldiers & horses died in the water-turning  the pond the shade of blood red. Frequent sightings of soldiers & generals have been reported & sounds of distant gunshots & of marching echo through the night more than one hundred years later. The Lady in White appears to lost or frightened visitors, she is considered a helpful spirit.  

Vonore, TN - Chota Memorial Site & Sequoyah Birthplace -
Along the trail of tears many have felt the distinct presence of the Indians who lived & died there.

Wartrace, TN - The Walking Horse Inn-
 You can hear footsteps in the   hallways & hear voices. Doors open and close and reports of furniture moving. The ghost of a previous owner is seen roaming the halls of the 3rd floor.

Visit our Haunted Places Page for details on these locations and find out if any deserves a "haunted stamp of approval".

See our other pages for possible EVP's and video's on your favorite haunted location(s).


The Demise of Swingle Hospital.
    This historic home was on our list to research, but sadly time did not favor preserving the old house which once served as a hospital, closed down in the sixties due  to a rampant staph infection.
We would've loved to seen inside, to have checked the possibility of spirits. We would love to own such a place. It makes me wonder if the family who owned the property got tired of the trespassing and inquiries... or did they simply not have the resources to bring the house back to its former glory? Either way, it is our loss that it has been demolished. 
If you want to confirm the demolition click this link.

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If you love horror and spooky, ghostly stuff check out our friends at Knoxville Horror Film Festival

Connecting people, places and the paranormal.

Spooky Southcoast Radio

 Ghost Hunting is not without dangers.
For your safety & the safety of others, please always get permission before attempting to investigate any site. If it is owned by the county/city, notify authorities that you will be there. Please visit the area in the daytime to become familiar with the site. There are so many hazards- Always proceed with caution. 
 Listed below are a few instances illustrating the kinds of danger you could face in this field of study. In Chattanooga several teens were held at gunpoint by a teacher who found them "ghost hunting" at Shipley's Hollow Rd. This could have turned out very tragic & did have unpleasant consequences. To read this article
click here.
 Another horrible accident of ghost hunting occurred in North Carolina as a team of ghost hunters were on the Bostian Bridge searching for the "ghost train" of 1891, one team member was killed when ran over by a real train & others were injured. To read this article click this link.
 The sad reality is that there were several harsh & insensitive comments made about both of these cases as found on the net at several sites.  This field of study, or hobby, or favorite pastime (it is many things to many people) still garners a lot of negative attention. We  face the risk that some people may see "ghost hunting" as a threat, or may disagree with it due to religious belief. Even if you are invited to investigate a place, be sure you know the people or check them out. What if you were invited to a home and met an insane person with a gun intending to do you harm? Use common sense & understand there are MANY haunted locations in the area, do not put yourself at risk just to check out one.
 In Connecticut three ghost hunters were injured when they fell from a cliff running from cops after trespassing on property of an abandoned sanatorium. 
(click here for details.)
 There are  many similar stories across the internet. I have witnessed some of the dangers. Many of the locations are very rural,  abandoned & neglected. Even the neighbors can be a risk. They may see you as an intruder & decide to take justice into their own hands. At the minimum they will probably call the police. We have had the police called on us by neighbors even when we had permission to be on site. Be forewarned  of the physical dangers present. I fell through a deck at a site we had permission to investigate. Many of the structures we will research in this field are simply unstable & dangerous. Large, territorial dogs are often loose & capable of approaching/attacking you.  These are just a few reasons why it is best to visit the site in the daytime if at all possible. And always take another person or two with you.
Be safe - be smart - happy hunting. 

Paranormal Investigating Tips:

 Most of these tips are basic common sense, yet I see a lot of these mistakes in videos and photographs, we've made a few of these ourselves.   
  Let's learn from our mistakes and enrich the field of paranormal study.

Photography tips:
1. When taking pictures, always take 2 or more of the same shot, this will validate if something moves, and confirms ghostly evidence.
2. Never smoke while investigating. This is good advice while filming or taking pictures.
3. In cold temperatures our breath produces vapors which could produce false positives. Wear a scarf or cover your mouth, or hold your breath when taking snap shots.
4. At night be sure to use your low light setting and a flash.
5. Always clean your lens with an appropriate cloth before taking pix.
6. Secure long hair. Strands of hair can look like ghostly apparitions, you want real evidence, not false positives.
7. Know where your camera strap is.
8. Know where your fingers are.
9. Know where your lense cover is. Loose or dangling objects can produce false anomalies.
10. Never point directly into a mirror or shiny or reflective surface.
11. Never take photo's towards the sun or a direct light source this will produce lens flares & strange effects.
12. Be aware of your shadows and other people in the vicinity.
13. Always have a subject or background image in your shot. This helps make the photo interesting but most importantly gives a reference for any strange anomalies you catch.
14. Ghosts like to follow people, you may get your best evidence by taking pictures of your team members as they conduct their research.
15. Know your flash range. The average distance for a flash is 15 feet. So keep your subject within 15 feet or within your camera's range for best results.

Video Tips:
1. Move slowly and steadily. A tripod is a great accessory.
2. Be aware of your fellow team member's IR lights and camera flashes.
3. Pause on a location for several seconds to give yourself & your viewers a chance to take in what is happening.
4. An external microphone helps get the noises you'll want.
5. Since most investigations take place in low lighting or no lighting, it is essential to use cameras that have the capability of recording with no additional light sources, like those with night vision features.
6. Investigating is long and tedious so  always opt for video gear that is lightweight and small for ease in portability.
7. No smoking while using video. Avoid car exhaust when outside. You want to capture real ghostly evidence, not false evidence.
8. Cleanse your camcorder's lens before every investigation.
Ghost Hunting Tips:
1. Never go alone.  This is for personal safety & to help validate any experiences.
2. Say a prayer of protection before & after any ghost hunt, you don't want to take home an ethereal hitch hiker. You really don't want to attract  negative entities, no matter how much fun you think it might be.
3. Charge your equipment the night before and take extra batteries. A strange phenomenon is how quickly fully charged batteries are drained in haunted locations.
4. This one is personal preference. Some people say to snap pictures when you first enter a place, you will capture any ghosts before they are able to hide. Others say to wait and give them time to get comfortable and curious. My opinion is to wait a little while, why? Let the dust settle from your entrance, which reduces the possibility of tons of false orbs plus it allows the spirits time to become comfortable again. It seems most ghosts are shy and it takes time for them to make their presence known.
5. Go with a positive attitude. Again, spirits seem to be attracted to similar personality types as they were, (and still are for that matter) you really don't want to hook up with an angry,
evil entity.
6. Do not drink alcohol or become impaired in any way prior to or during an investigation. You will need all of your senses to be on alert, don't endanger yourself or the others with you, it's not worth it.
7. Know your surroundings. It is best to see the place in the daytime to observe any potential hazards and determine your plan of action.
8. No horseplay! Respect is important in this field of
9. Make notes and record base temps and EMF readings, weather conditions, etc.,. Be professional for best results.
10. Control your fear. Ghosts will not come around if they sense you are afraid & you can attract a mischievous ghost feeding on fear. Remember you are in the earthly body and you are in control, do not let the spirit have control.

11. Listen to your instincts. If you feel you are in an unpleasant situation get out. You can regroup and return or simply end an
investigation. There will be many opportunities for you to flex you paranormal muscles. Your intuition is part of your spirit guide.
12.  Never dare or insult any spirits.  It is okay to ask those present if you can take their picture or record their voice, that is a respectful way to communicate. Treat ghosts as you would want to be treated.
13. Get permission to investigate. Our entire website keeps telling you that for a very good reason. 
14. Do not vandalize or steal or willingly damage at any investigation site. Not only do you give the rest of us a bad name, but one day someone will kick your butt.
15. Always thank the spirits for their hospitality before you
leave and you may get better results if you ever return.
16. Always say a prayer to leave the spirits there.
More tips to come... 

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     Do you hear strange footsteps or unexplained bumps in the night? 

Do you get sudden cold or hot spots or feel something brush by? Have you seen shadows or apparitions? 
Do you worry that your home may be haunted?
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Chasing Ghost Tales in Tennessee

Real experiences at some of Tennessee's most infamous haunted locations including A Chattanooga Haunted Hotel with a beheaded spirit and apparitions of civil war soldier;
 Visit an old haunted  Inn in Oak Ridge; Have you heard about a quiet church atop a hill in Harriman with supernatural legacies? Check out the shadows and apparitions and ethereal voices inside a house of stone in Alcoa built to withstand Armageddon that  promises eternal life to the builders who may be in this house in the afterlife; Legendary beasts and superntaural sacrifices await you in an area known for death, sorcery, evil and ghosts this place is known as Red Ash in Caryville offering spooks and chills to those who dare enter the gated grave at night; You've heard the rumors of an old Mental Asylum in Knoxville  plagued with a tarnished history of patient abuse and neglect, but it's the spirits and evil shadow entities that have left an everlasting impression upon time itself.
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A collection of old Appalachian Ghost Tales & Superstitions that have been handed down for many generations in Tennessee, West Virginia & Kentucky. These tales are previously unpublished. If you love old fashioned ghost stories like the ones told around the campfires of yesteryear , you must read this one.

*Proceeds from book sales go toward offsetting equipment & travel expenses to "haunted destinations" in the Southeast U.S.

Author is founder of this site.

Enjoy this book trailer for Tammy's collection of local ghost lore. Titled:
Ghost Tales & Superstitions of Southern Appalachian Mountains

Haunted Tennessee!

We have many reasons to believe Tennessee has an abundance of haunted places. But is every location reputed to be haunted actually inhabited by ghosts? That's why we visit the locations listed on our site before sharing them with you. We have first- hand encounters at every location listed here and have many more place to see in the future.

Check our other pages to see what we've found as we research the paranormal.

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