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Haunted Places in Tennessee and the Southeast U.S.
As researched by: Paranormal Spectrum

 The following locations are reputed to be haunted. i will add haunted sites frequently from Tennessee and bordering southern locations as we research them.     Read more on these "haunted hot spots" of interest by clicking thumbnails/links provided.
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Some of our favorite sites - read these excerpts!

Adams, TN - The Bell Witch Cave & Farm

I waited for months to finally see the legendary Bell Witch Cave in Adams, TN. The infamous haunting surpasses most ghost stories, as the entity that uprooted the lives of the Bell Family seemed more intelligent and more visible than any spirit documented in the state of Tennessee thus far. I want to share my experience of the visit, but first here is a brief summary of the haunting of the Bell Witch Farm:
(Read More on The Bell Witch & see our pictures...)

Caryville, TN - Red Ash Coal Towers & Cemetery

Every rural town in the South could have a haunted legend attached to it. But some places fit the description a little more than others. In Caryville, TN there is such a place, an 8-10 mile stretch of road that once ran through a mining town, known to some as “Red Ash”. It is easily found on the map as Old Highway 63.  There are many tales of death and haunting along this road...
(Read More about Red Ash & See Our Pictures...)

*Side note: There have been several people who have seen "hellhounds" in the Red Ash area. On two separate visits we did see 2 "black" stray dogs, not together but not far from each other. Maybe at night their glowing eyes and trips through the woods could cause alarm or confusion. 

Alcoa, TN - The Millennium Manor - AKA The Stone House         

The Nicholson’s believed that as long as they kept  working on the stone house that they would have eternal life. This part of the story seems eerily true when you take into consideration  many people over a period of the past 25-30 years have heard the sounds of continued construction, even during the time the structure stood vacant. Could the Nicholson’s still work on the manor in the afterlife?
(To read more and see pix on our experience at Millennium Manor)

Chattanooga, TN - The Read House Hotel - Room 311

The Read House - or Sheraton Inn in Chattanooga, formerly The Crutchfield House built in 1847. Legend has it that Room 311 is the most haunted room in the place. This is only partly true. The original room 311 has been moved, or sealed, depending on who you ask. The desk clerk who spoke to us said it was moved AND sealed when the remodeling took place. None the less, MANY guests and staff have seen shadowy apparitions, been awakened in the night by phantom hands, and captured odd anomalies in photographs and videos. In fact, a lot of guests leave early due to the haunting presence of a female spirit...(Read More about Room 311 & See Our Pictures...)

 Jonesborough, TN - The Historic Town

One of Tennessee’s oldest towns with many buildings predating the Civil War, Jonesborough has a very interesting history. It was once listed on the Travel Channel as one of the Top Ten Most Haunted Towns in America. Could it be true? Who are the ghosts who haunt this town? One of our earlier presidents, Andrew Jackson served as a no-nonsense judge in Jonesborough. Does his spirit still preside over his former jurisdiction? Many people would think so, as his apparition has been witnessed walking down Main St. or around...
 (continue reading and see more pictures on Jonesborough)

Knoxville, TN - Lakeshore Mental Asylum

The original building burned in the 1920's and is in ruins, yet people have reported hearing screams from the patients being mistreated & shackles being thrown around. The eerie song from old music boxes prickles the skin of sensitive listeners brave enough to visit the site of a building that stood long ago, housing the mentally unstable. It was here that many atrocities are said to have taken place, including shocking abuse of patients. A newer facility exists today, which is the subject of our photos where there is a white semi-transparent form that seemingly floats behind a window. We’re not sure it is anything paranormal, but we are sure it is not a solid piece of furniture, or a person...
Click here for more of the Lakeshore legend and our pictures...)

Louisville, KY - Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Who are the spirits of Waverly Hills Sanatorium? Indeed. With more than 6,000 deaths attributed to tuberculosis and patient abuse via attempts to eradicate the disease, as well as documented suicide behind the walls of Waverly, there could possibly be too many to name. Some of the most well known spirits at Waverly Hills seems to be an old woman specter who greets you at the main entrance, sometimes  she briefly exits the front door, chains and blood dripping from her wrists and ankles as she screams “Help Me!” and “Somebody save me!” before disappearing into thin air...
(Continue reading and view pictures of Waverly Hills.) 

 Wartrace,TN - The Walking Horse Inn                                                                                                    

When we visited this hotel for a 4 hour investigation, most of our experiences occurred only when we started speaking out to Floyd. So does Floyd Carothers return from time to time to see how the old place is thriving? Or is there an imprint upon the structure itself that produces brief glimpses of a proud owner and horse trainer from a time gone by?
(Read more & see pictures of The Walking Horse Inn)
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